Adstter Digital Signage for Advertising on Screens

Adstter offers a complete platform to place publicity on digital screens. In addition it allows you to market free spaces in order to make money.

Adstter is the web platform for publicity management on digital screens.

Our website allows you to:
• Create ads (videos and images).
• Publish them on your own screen network.
All this is done in a quick and inexpensive fashion.

• Business model and fees.
• Connect any android device.
• Internet service (SOS).
• Buy commercial space using your credit card.
• Video and image commercials.
• It allows different brands to broadcast their commercial on your screens to make money.
• It is free.

Adstter allows you to choose where to play your commercial.
This gives you control of the places that are more attractive to sell commercial space.
This will also allow you to increase the impact in key zones such as stadiums, concerts, festivals, shows, etc.
In addition you are able to sell to restaurants and hotels only the screens located in front of their facilities.
It is perfect for crowded places such as airport exits and stadiums.
Use your Android player GPS.

1. Show your commercials with meter precision.
2. The player will change the commercial list depending on the geographical zone.
3. Easy to schedule and control your commercial list from the web.

Change to Adstter Digital Signage, improve your screen publicity operations and increase your income.

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